Kyoto Meetings




In the Kyoto Meeting section, we will showcase the works of two kyoto-based young painters, Saya Okubo and Fumika Tsuchitori, whom the gallery has met in the past two to three years.
Okubo creates paintings that coexist with two separate elements: symbolic images expressed as outlines, and phenomelal swells of images with a sense of materiality. She started new series last year, using corrugated plastics sheeting as a support, and is planning to show the work from this series as well as several works from previous series.
Tsuchitori is an artist whose work revolves around two series: “I and You” which depicts two people, and “a scene” which extracts elements such as color and shape from a landscape.
At the fair, she will exhibit a large work on canvas and several small paintings.

Gallery Information

WAITINGROOM was founded in Tokyo in 2010, with the mission to promote and support the cutting-edge contemporary art across various media. The gallery works with young and emerging artists who seeks the balance between two diverse aspects with their own distinctive perspective and expression. Our attention focused on human being’s presence in the post-industrial society which covers a wide range from social engagement, the relationship with the nature, cultural heritage, to the fantasies we sometimes dream of to keep our faith in the world etc.. The artists we work with often arouse echo universally and are active with exhibitions both in Japan and abroad at galleries, museums, biennales, triennales etc.




Nagashima Bldg. 1F, 2-14-2 Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Photo by Shintaro Yamanaka (Qsyum!)

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