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Finch Arts


FINCH ARTS presents three artists, Muku Kobayashi, Rina Matsudaira, and Masato Mizutani. Kobayashi creates works to contemplate other forms by observing the leaps, discord, and discomfort created by the intervention of physical devices and objects in response to certain things and historical events. Matsudaira creates figurative paintings, mainly of human figures, while chewing over techniques and materials cultivated in the field of Japanese-style painting, with the theme of imagining other people. Mizutani’s paintings are characterized by a characteristic method of squeezing paint from the back of the panel to reconstruct the connection between the image of the painting and us.

Gallery Information

FINCH ARTS opened in Ponto-cho, Kyoto in 2016 and will move to the JODO COMPLEX, Art Complex at Jodoji, Kyoto in 2019. The gallery actively introduces artists through solo exhibitions at the gallery and special exhibitions at various locations. Artists handled include Masato Mizutani, Kazuki Takakura, Mari Tanimoto, NAZE, Taishi Nishi, and Miho Iida. Director : Satoshi Sakuraoka.




1-3, Jodoji Bambacho, Sakyo-ku

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