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Press Release no.7

December 8, 2022

Photo by Kotaro Tanaka



Based on the theme of collaboration, ACK was held for the second time as one of Japan’s largest international art fairs. Attracting around 15,000 visitors and achieving over 400,000,000 JPY in artwork sales, ACK received the same high appraisal it had in the previous edition from this year’s exhibiting galleries, visitors, and related companies.

Title: Art Collaboration Kyoto (ACK)
Dates: November 18 Fri. to 20 Sun.,2022
    Preview on November 17 Thurs., 2022
Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center Event Hall and others
Visitors: Approximately 15,000 including the satellite venues in Kyoto
Sales: Approximately 400 million JPY
Exhibitors: 64 galleries, 35 booths (29 from Japan, 12 from Americas, 9 from Europe, and 8 from Asia)
    ACK Curates: Satellite Program “Flowers of Time”
            Public Program (guest curator Jam Acuzar)
    Talks: 11 programs, 30 speakers
    Kids’ Programs: 2
    Special Programs: 4
    Associated Programs: 9




The next edition to be held from October 28, 2023

The next ACK is scheduled to be held from October 28 to 30, 2023, with Yukako Yamashita continuing as program director. Please look forward to the next ACK.


Art Collaboration Kyoto 2023
Date: October 28 Sat. to 30 Mon., 2023
Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center Event Hall and others
Organized by ACK Executive Committee



Message from Yukako Yamashita (ACK Program Director)

In 2022, we aimed to build up the identity of ACK, by valuing the origins and the uniqueness of Kyoto, as a significant cultural city. At a time when art fairs are increasing globally, the goal of ACK is providing “time” to share with people through its high-quality program.

The curatorial theme for this year’s ACK was “Flowers of Time” in the hope that everyone would enjoy art anew, savor the experience of interacting with others, and cultivate mindfulness. Collaboration is the key element of ACK. While seeking to create sustainable activities through collaboration between government and private sectors, art and other fields with international players, we aim to contribute to the art world and its next generation.
We believe in the power of art to connect Kyoto and the world, and we will continue to create unique and meaningful experiences through ACK, in the coming year and beyond.





Experience the fair virtually at
For the latest information, please check the ACK website and various social media channels.


ACK Executive Committee Office
Overseas Media Relations
Yoshiko Nawa (Relay Relay)

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