Satellite Programs

A large number of programs will be held throughout Kyoto prefecture in conjunction with ACK.


Hiding Behind Us -Encounters with Myself as I Already Am

The various works in this exhibition expose “things hiding behind us”; the unique creativity of the artworks uncover these ‘things’ we imprison without being aware of them.
The curatorial program prompts fresh confrontations with our instincts and real personalities.

Artists: Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Angela Bulloch, Peter Fischli David Weiss, Ryan Gander, Douglas Huebler, Lawrence Weiner and Ian Wilson
Curator: Taro Nasu

Dates & Hours: Dates and opening hours follow ACK
Venue: ICC Kyoto Room E and accessway between Main Hall and Event Hall
Admission: Free by presenting your ACK ticket
Organizer: Bold



An art market for works by art students will take place at Kujoyu, a bathhouse. We hope this will be an opportunity for art experts to seek out new and upcoming talent.

Dates & Hours: Thursday, November 4−Sunday, November 7, 2021
11am−7pm (until 3pm on the last day/admission accepted 30 min. before closing)
Venue: Kujoyu (Minami-ku, Kyoto)
Admission: ¥500 (Free for children and visitors with student ID or ACK ticket)
Organizer: Muz Art Produce
TEL: 075-205-5396


OBJECT -Object & Book 2021-

An artist-organized fair event that brings together a wide variety of three-dimensional works. We aim to create an alternative art market for people to interact with artists in an airy, open space.

Dates & Hours: Saturday, November 6−Sunday, November 7, 2021
11am −7pm
Venue: Kyoto Okazaki Tsutaya Books (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto)
Admission: Free
Organizer: Object

Photo by Kai Maetani, Courtesy of OBJECT


DELTA – the permanent space by KYOTOGRAPHIE opened in Demachi Masugata Shopping Arcade last year is pleased to present the solo exhibition by Yuna Yagi, and the new work of photo collages created by the African artist Ngadi Smart after her encounter with the arcade.

Yuna Yagi, “Blanc/Black”
Dates & Hours: Friday, October 22−Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Venue: Delta/Kyotographie Parmanent Space (Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto)

Ngadi Smart “ee don tehm foh eat (it’s time to eat)”
Dates & Hours
: Friday, September 17−Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Venue: Demachi Masugata Shopping Arcade (Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto)

Admission: Free
Organizer: Kyotographie General Incorporated Association
TEL: 075-708-7126

Blanc/Black ©︎ Yuna Yagi

Rakuchu Kansei Art Exhibition Kyoto 2021 "Forest from the Light of Creativity"

Organized along the themes of “sensibility,” “tradition,” and “future,” the traditional beauty of Japan as a result of merging a space infused with historical architectural beauty and contemporary art and crafts will be transmitted from Kyoto. Works by ten artists including Taimei Morino, Kyoko Ibe and Rokubey Kiyomizu will be on display.

Dates & Hours: Tuesday, November 2−Monday, November 15, 2021
*The holding period varies depending on the venue.
Main Venue: Mitera Sennyuji Temple (Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto)
Satellite Venue: Kaikouji Temple (Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto) and
Shoyeido Kunjukan (Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto)
Admission: Free (admission for Mitera Sennyuji Temple is required)
Organizer: Rakuchu Kansei Art Exhibition Executive Committee

©︎ Koken Murata

Kyoto Prefectural Art Festival “Alternative Kyoto 2021”

This year, Kyoto Prefecture will organize an art festival with the theme being centered on the possibilities that imaginative art possesses to change the coming society as a new form of capital.

Venue & Artists
Kyotango City: Side Core and 6 other groups
Miyazu City: Mamiko Hirai+Shiho Nagamachi, Marihiko Hara+Ryo Shiraki, Kenji Yanobe and Ryoji Ikeda
Yosano Town: Another Farm
Fukuchiyama City: Tadashi Mitani and Yamanaka Suplex
Ayabe City: Hyslom
Nantan City: Yu Araki and 5 other groups
Yawata City: Ryuichi Ishikawa , Kyosuke Sasaki and 3 other groups

Dates & Hours: Friday, September 24−Sunday, November 7, 2021
*The holding period varies depending on the area.
Admission: Free
Organizer: Kyoto Prefecture and others
TEL: 075-414-4287

©2020 Ryoji Ikeda Studio/ALTERNATIVE KYOTO 2020 Artspace of the Light

More information about exhibitions at museums, art museums and galleries in Kyoto during ACK

Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art 1st Anniversary Exhibition Modern Architecture in Kyoto

Dates & Hours: September 25−December 26, 2021
Closed on Mondays
Venue: Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art


Finlayson, 200th Anniversary Exhibition

Dates & Hours: October 9, 2021−January 10, 2022
10am−6pm (10am−7:30pm on Fridays)
Closed on Mondays
Venue: The Museum of Kyoto


3rd Collection Gallery Exhibition 2021–2022

Dates & Hours: September 2−November 7, 2021
9:30am−5pm (9:30am−8pm on Fridays)
Closed on Mondays
Venue: The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto


Special Exhibition Masterpieces from the Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art: Noh, Chanoyu, and Rinpa

Dates & Hours: October 9−December 5, 2021
Closed on Mondays
Venue: Kyoto National Museum, Heisei Chishinkan Wing


Inaugural Exhibition, YAMAGUCHI Akira Exhibition

Artists: Akira Yamaguchi
Dates & Hours
: July 6−November 7, 2021
Closed on Mondays
Venue: ZENBI (Kagizen Art Museum)


Rei Naito “Breath”

Artists: Rei Naito
Dates & Hours
: September 18−November 7, 2021
Closed on Mondays
Venue: MtK Contemporary Art


tower (KITCHEN)

Artists: Teppei Kaneuji × Toshikatsu Ienari
Opening hours
: 10am−8pm
Open every day during ACK
Venue: Maeda Coffee Meirin-ten



Artists: Kanako Shintaku, Shintaro Nishihashi, Kanji Hasegawa, Yuki Hasegawa, Junnosuke Hara, Kengo Hoshi, Ryuhei Yokoyama
Dates & Hours: Nobember 3−7, 2021
Venue: Black Storage Fujii Daimaru


Anyone holding a contemporary art exhibition or event held in Kyoto prefecture during ACK is welcome to share their information for us to put up; please enter all general information in the form. (must be received before 10/22)
*Depending on their content, we may not accept exhibitions / events. Thank you for understanding.

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