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Gallery 38


The artists exhibiting in this exhibition, Miyu Hosoi and Cecilia Andrews, both focus on “perception” as the main theme of their work. Last year at ACK, Hosoi presented a new way of confronting time-based media works such as sound. In this exhibition, the theme is “time hunting,” where sound hunts down the shrinking appreciation time of two-dimensional works that inspired it. Using opposing mirrors and skillfully using mutual movements and sounds, the pace of the viewer is taken away. It is not necessarily the same work that is being viewed for a long time. On the other hand, Andrews’ artistic considerations on perception were born after receiving a donation of an old braille version of the Larousse Encyclopedia in 2018. By incorporating sensory aspects and evocations into their work, they aim to awaken new sensibilities and experiences towards art through media in viewers. This symbolizes the importance of approaching each other to understand one’s own appearance that cannot be met by others. An exhibition will be held to evoke “perception” from both artists’ works.

Gallery Information

Gallery 38 founded in 2016 in Jingumae, Shibuya. We organize exhibitions from emerging to established artists, both domestic and international, in all genres, from a unique perspective. In addition to a program of mainly contemporary art, we also organizes group exhibitions to introduce more historical artists, and also involved in a wide range of other art-related projects, such as workshops for children and the introduction of ancient art objects together with contemporary art.




1F Harajuku Homes, 2-30-28 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Photography: Yuichi Ihara

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