Associated Programs

A number of Associated Programs will be held in Kyoto prefecture during ACK. Please enjoy the ACK art fair while experiencing the city of Kyoto.

Lead Partner EDION presents
A special film installation organized by lead partner EDION Corporation will take place at Shijo-Kawaramachi as the centerpiece of ACK’s Associated Programs.

Daily Programs

A large number of events and programs will be held throughout Kyoto prefecture in conjunction with ACK.
Please see each website for more information.
Daily Programs(PDF)

Lead Partner EDION presents


Mayumi Hosokura I can (not) hear you

5 works in the I can (not) hear you (2019) video work series by Mayumi Hosokura, a Kyoto-born artist active in Japan and overseas, will be exhibited as a multi-channel video installation. Curating this exhibition is Junya Yamamine. By reading the local character of Shijo-Kawaramachi, the information center of Kyoto city, and using it as a site to install works reflecting the vitality of city dwellers, an exhibition symbolically expressing the pulse of young people is presented.

Artist: Mayumi Hosokura
Curator: Junya Yamamine

Dates & Hours: November 17 Thurs.−20 Sun.
Opening Reception: November 16 Wed. 6pm−8pm
Venue: Kyoto Kawaramachi Garden 8F
Admission: Free
Organizer: ”I can (not) hear you” Executive Committee
Lead Partner: EDION Corporation
Official Partner: Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Takuro Someya Contemporary Art
Exhibition Design: Yutaka Endo (Luftzug)

I can (not) hear you - mayu, 2019 ©︎Mayumi Hosokura, Courtesy of Takuro Someya Contemporary Art
I can (not) hear you - hezron, 2019 ©︎Mayumi Hosokura, Courtesy of Takuro Someya Contemporary Art
I can (not) hear you - arisa, 2019 ©︎Mayumi Hosokura, Courtesy of Takuro Someya Contemporary Art

Open Call Programs



Rooted in Oriental thought, Shinya Yamada creates abstract paintings using a distinctive technique of Nihonga, or Japanese-style painting.
This exhibition will be held at the Yuuhisai Koudoukan, a building normally closed to the public. The site of an academic institution founded by the mid-Edo period Confucian scholar Minagawa Kien, Yuuhisai Koudoukan was a place of social gatherings frequented by many cultural figures, including Maruyama Okyo. By utilizing the beautiful landscape of the garden and interior, Antiques & Art Masa will create a space surrounded by silence. The installation will feature objects encasing Buddhist statues, inviting visitors to reflect on their inner selves through encounters with the works on display.

Artists: Shinya Yamada, Antiques & Art Masa

Dates & Hours: November 17 Thurs.–23 Wed.
Venue: Yuuhisai Koudoukan
Admission: free(¥1,000 on request only)
Organizer: Pulse of Silence Executive Committee

(C) Mitsuru Wakabayashi
(C) Yuuhisai Koudoukan

Advanced Mission Towards a KYOTO KOGEI WORLD: The Kyoto Kogei Association's Journey to Realize a New Kogei World

This exhibition of works by 50 internationally active members of the Kyoto Kogei Association includes the ceramic artist Masayuki Imai, one of the leading artists in the world of contemporary Japanese kogei (craft art) and recipient of the Japanese Order of Culture Medal, as well as wood artist and Living National Treasure of Japan, Akira Murayama. You can experience the handmade artistic beauty of these contemporary kogei artists, who work in dyeing and weaving, ceramics, urushi (lacquer), metal, dollmaking, glass, wood, and other areas. You can also enjoy parent-child workshops and gallery talks about the artists’ creative activities and interesting episodes, providing a wonderful opportunity to interact directly with the artists. The kogei works of art in the exhibition are for sale through an online shop. The exhibition space is in Hulic Hall Kyoto, part of a stylishly renovated section of the former Rissei Elementary School.

Artists: Masayuki Imai, Akira Murayama, Noboru Hata, and other artists

Dates & Hours: November 17 Thurs.–20 Sun.
        noon–8pm (until 4pm on the last day)
Venue: Hulic Hall Kyoto
Admission: Free
Organizer: Kyoto Kogei Association
Tel: 075-414-4231

Venue: Hulic Hall Kyoto

Artist Running Festival 2022

The Artists Running Festival is a collaborative project that brings together artist-led spaces. The first edition of this project took place at XYZ collective in Sugamo, Tokyo in December 2020, while the second edition was held at SODA in Kyoto in November 2021. This year, the exhibition will be held across the entire VOU building in Kyoto, on the first, second, and third floors. The first floor will be curated by XYZ collective (Tokyo), and will feature group exhibitions by Bel Ami (Los Angeles), 4649 (Tokyo) and imlabor (Tokyo). On the second and third floors, Strange Store (Tokyo) run by artist Ken Kagami, and artist studio Lucky Happy Studio (Tokyo) will present projects.

■ 1st floor
XYZcollective (Tokyo) − Naoki Sutter Shudo, COBRA, Shimon Minamikawa, Nanami Hori, Alexandra Noel
BelAmi (Los Angels) − Chadwick Rantanen
imlabor (Tokyo) − Toru Otani
4649 (Tokyo) − Shogo Shimizu
■ 2nd floor
Strange store (Tokyo) − Ken Kagami, Tan Kagami
■ 3rd floor
LUCKY HAPPY STUDIO (Tokyo) − MK+sakura tokiyama ceramics, Yuka Hasegawa, Yosuke Takayama, Masaya Chiba, E.T., Kyoko Idetsu, Saeka Enokura, Yusuke Saito, Koji Nakano, Hozumi Miyamoto

In cooperation with: MISAKO&ROSEN, ANOMALY, Derosia, Shugo Arts, Nonaka Hill

Dates & Hours: November 17 Thurs.–27 Sun.
        Closed on November 24 Thurs.
        *Reception: November 18 Fri. 6pm–8pm
Venue: Gallery & Shop Vou
Admission: Free
Organizer: Cobra (XYZ Collective)


Attitude and Practice
~Independent Artists in Philippines~

It is said that the characteristics of contemporary art in the Philippines are the consciousness of social change and the topographical and ethnic references to being an archipelago. We will introduce a fascinating and diverse group of works that reflect such social solidarity, individual ways of living, and spirituality. We are also planning a talk show and film screening introducing contemporary art activities in the Philippines, which have social aspects different from those in Japan. The five exhibiting artists are independent mid-career artists who do not belong to any particular gallery. They have extensive experience both inside and outside the Philippines, including holding exhibitions and participating in art festivals and numerous cutting-edge projects. Exhibiting together with these five artists will be Japanese artist Hitoshi Kanamura, who maintains an ongoing exchange with them.

Artists: Louie Cordero, Ling Quisumbing, Mariano Ching, MM Yu, Yasmin Sison, and Hitoshi Kanamura

Dates & Hours: November 18 Fri.–December 4 Sun.
        1pm–7pm *until 5pm on the last day
        Closed on Mon. and Tues.
        *Preview: November 17, 4pm–6pm
Venue: Matsuo Megumi + Voice Gallery pfs/w
Admission: Free
Organizer: Matsuo Megumi + Voice Gallery pfs/w
Tel: 075-341-0222

<Related events>
Dates & Hours:
November 17 Thurs.
 7pm–8:30pm Talk Show with Artists (in person or online)
           *Facilitator: Megumi Matsuo
           *Sequential Interpretation (English)
 9pm–11pm Party and Screening
Venue: Urbanguild
Admission: ¥1,000 with 1 drink

Mariano Ching × Louie Cordero "Dead Moon" 2020/ 36"×36"/ acrylics on canvas
Venue: Matsuo Megumi + Voice Gallery pfs/w

The idea of owning an installation/Pass on project

BnA Alter Museum is pleased to present The idea of owning an installation / Pass on project, an exhibition on the theme of installation art and its ownership presented at Staircase Gallery SCG, a venue where installation works have thusfar been showcased in various special exhibitions and events as part of an artist-in-residence program. A special exhibition room viewable by visitors as they climb the 10 story SCG building emergency staircase will serve as the venue for five artists from Kyoto, Kobe and Tokyo—Buku Akiyama, Kensho Tambara, Ryosuke Higo, Satoko Matsui and Soichiro Mihara—who will create and exhibit works in the 5.4m high atrium space.
The exhibition will consist of two main projects: [1] a project to create the installation itself and [2] a project to own the installation.

Artists: Buku Akiyama, Kensho Tambara, Ryosuke Higo, Satoko Matsui, and Soichiro Mihara

Dates & Hours: October 29 Sat.–May 7 Sun., 2023
Venue: BnA Alter Museum SCG
Admission: Adult ¥1000 / University students ¥800/ Junior and senior high school students ¥500/ Elementary school students and younger free
*Half price by presenting your ACK ticket
*Free entry on presentation of ACK ticket
Organizer: BnA Alter Museum
Tel: 075-748-1278

Soichiro Mihara "Study of Air" Photo by Masanobu Nishino
BnA Alter Museum, Photo by Tomooki Kengaku


This is the third collaborative exhibition between Ryosokuin, one of Kyoto’s great Zen temples, and YOMAFIG. The theme of this year’s exhibition is “”Centre-Empty,”” a term advocated by Hayao Kawai as the essence and profundity of Japan. Mio Yamato’s continuous pointillism, Midori Arai’s silhouettes of life and traces of the brush, and Atsushi Aizawa’s dialogue with materials cast the “emptiness at the center” into high relief, revealing the artists’ transparent body in the center through its donut-like contours.
A Zen temple composed of the concepts of “mu” (nothingness) and “ma” (intermediary space) will be transformed by the exhibition and special programs led by these three artists. This is also a rare opportunity to view Ryosokuin in fall, when the temple is usually closed to the public.

Artists: Atsushi Aizawa, Midori Arai, and Mio Yamato
Spatial Direction: Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Dates & Hours: November 18 Fri.–20 Sun.
Venue: Ryosokuin
Admission: ¥1,000 (¥500 for elementary and junior high school students)
*Free entry on presentation of ACK ticket until November 30.
Organizer: Yomafig.


Featured Programs


Art Project in Kyoto Pref. “ALTERNATIVE KYOTO”
-Artspace of the light- in Muko city

In Muko City, which is adjacent to Kyoto City and the smallest city in western Japan, but is filled with rich nature and historical sites, digital art works based on the history and climate of the region will be exhibited at Muko Shrine, which is an important cultural asset. The digital artwork will create a fantastic world of light, images, and sound.

Artists: Marihiko Hara & Ryo Shiraki, Spektra, Corey Fuller & Synichi Yamamoto, and others

Dates & Hours: October 29 Sat.–November 20 Sun.
        6pm–9pm *Open only on Sat. and Sun.
Venue: Muko Shrine
Admission: Free
Organizer: Muko Art Project Executive Committee (Culture and Arts Division, Kyoto Prefectural Department of Culture and Sports)

Marihiko Hara & Ryo Shiraki Altered Perspectives 2021, 2021

Shimon Minamikawa

Artist: Shimon Minamikawa

Dates & Hours: October 22 Sat.–December 4 Sun.
        Closed on Mon.
Venue: MtK Contemporary Art
Admission: Free
Organizer: MtK Contemporary Art


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