Special Programs

A series of special programs will be held in the ICC Kyoto New Hall, in collaboration with partner companies.

Dates: Dates and opening hours follow ACK
Venue: ICC Kyoto New Hall

Rafaël Rozendaal's Looking at Something
powered by EDION

Rafaël Rozendaal, a leading figure of internet art, has defined his own art as “something like a gas or liquid that appears everywhere.” This time, curated by Code-a-Machine (Kanazawa Kodama + Masui Shinichiro), his art concept is expressed as an installation in a living room-like space with monitors and tablets, which depicts the creative world of contemporary life.

Artist: Rafaël Rozendaal
Curator: Code-a-Machine (Kanazawa Kodama + Masui Shinichiro)

Lead Partner: EDION Corporation
Official Partner: Maruni Wood Industry Inc.
Special Cooperation: Takuro Someya Contemporary Art
Production: Twelve Inc.

Website: EDION Corporation

Installation view from Rafaël Rozendaal: Color Code Communication at Museum Folkwang, Essen, 2023
Photo by Gert Jan van Rooij
Rafaël Rozendaal, Photo by Oyamada Kuniya
Ladder Project
powered by Daimaru Matsuzakaya

The Ladder Project was launched by Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store as a bridge between the next generation of artists and the world. The project will present new works by two artists who are pioneering unique forms of expression not bound only by commercialism as they traverse an age in which diverse values are emerging.

Artists (Venue): Scripcariu-Ochiai Ana (ICC Kyoto) and Tamayama Takuro (Bijuu)
Project Director: Yamamine Junya

Special Partner: Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co.Ltd.
Production: Nyaw inc.
Production Management: Loftwork Inc.

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co.Ltd. (Japanese only)
Loftwork lnc.

Scripcariu-Ochiai Ana ©️Nakazato Kotetsu
Tamayama Takuro photo by Omachi Kohei (W)
Anonymous Collection AWARD

The AWARD exhibition presents selected works from the activities of the Anonymous Collection in 2023.

Artists: Anonymous Collection guest artists and Competition winner
Azuma Shinya, Imanishi Shinya, Kito Kengo, Morie Kota, Yasuda Akiyoshi, Yamasaki Mami, Yamato Mio

Organizer: Anonymous Collection
Special Partner: Melco Group Inc.

©Morie Kohta
MUFG Kogei Project: For a Sustainable Future—Tradition and Innovation in Arts and Crafts Exhibition

As part of its social contribution activities to support the “preservation and transmission of culture,” Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group launched the “MUFG Kogei Project” in fiscal year 2023 to support craftsmanship, which is arguably the origin of Japanese manufacturing. This edition of the exhibition will introduce the works of artisans who are engaged in modern-day craftsmanship with a foundation in traditional techniques. Please come and see the “present state of arts and crafts” through artisans of various fields and with diverse careers.

Artists: Kaikado, Tsusumi Asakichi Urushi, Hosoo, Mitsuke Masayasu, and others
General Director: Akimoto Yuji (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of the Arts)

Special Partner: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.

Website: MUFG Kogei Project (Japanese only)

Tsusumi Asakichi Urushi

The Ueshima Collection is a contemporary art collection by entrepreneur and investor Kankuro Ueshima, which was launched in February 2022 under the theme of “contemporaneity.”
The exhibition will be composed of works selected from the current collection that may be characteristic of Ueshima’s interest in abstract painting, which is the starting point of the collection. We hope that you will enjoy this unique lineup of works, which represents a wide range of artists spanning various nationalities, generations, and conceptual approaches.

Artists: Jadé Fadojutimi, Bernard Frize, Katharina Grosse, Lauren Quin, Okazaki Kenjiro, Kaneuji Teppei, Kawauchi Rikako, Matsumoto Yoko, Yamada Kohei and others

Special Partner: Ueshima Collection

Website: Ueshima Collection

Jadé Fadojutimi, A Patchwork Trail, 2022 ©️Jadé Fadojutimi
Photo by Ueshima Collection
Koganezawa Takehito / Tamura Yuichiro

MtK Contemporary Art will present two artists, Koganezawa Takehito and Tamura Yuichiro. With “accidents” and “physicality”, Koganezawa attempts to create new rules and trespass them at the same time, while Tamura displays the quirky connections between found objects and our surroundings shaping our daily lives.
Please take this opportunity to see the works by two.

Artists: Koganezawa Takehito and Tamura Yuichiro

Official Partner: Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd. (MtK Contemporary Art)

Website: MtK Contemporary Art

Left: Koganezawa Takehito, Dual Doodle Double Square, 2023
Right: Tamura Yuichiro, Revalation, 2023
Pommery Prize Kyoto 2023

The Pommery Prize Kyoto is a new award created to support the activities of young Kyoto-based artists. Madame Pommery was passionate about art. First in the world to devise dry brut champagne, she anonymously purchased Millet’s famous painting The Gleaners and bequeathed it to her country, and also supported many young, unknown artists. Champagne Pommery, with its history of Madame Pommery’s innovative nature and era-making pioneering spirit, has chosen three young artists as being leaders in Kyoto’s contemporary art scene and willing to expand their activities abroad. Please see the works by these three shortlisted artists. The artist selected for the grand prize will be invited to Reims, France, by Champagne Pommery.

Artists: Omae Haruna, Matsuoka Yuzuho, Yonemura Yuto

Moroi Ken (CEO, Vranken Pommery Japan)
Kanazawa Kodama (Curator of Contemporary Art)
Yazu Yoshitaka (Contemporary Artist, Owner of kumagusuku)

Organizer: Pommery Prize Kyoto Executive Committee
Project Director: Yazu Yoshitaka (Contemporary Artist, Owner of kumagusuku)
Official Champagne Partner: Champagne Pommery

Website: Champagne Pommery

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