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Through his photographic illusions, Shunsuke Kano compels his viewers to see the complex layers that appear on surfaces. His works utilizes the aspects of overlap (layers)–the creative concept of printmaking–and camera (photographs)–the recording device. By compressing the surfaces, the order of layer placement as well as the perception of depth become blurred, creating an optical illusion.
Kano will present new works from his “Pink Shadow” series, focusing on how light filters through paper. While the majority of his previous works were made by layering elements over the front surface, his new “Pink Shadow” series includes layers added from the back surface. This method of layering was inspired by printmaker Shoichi Ida and allows simultaneous viewing of the front and back surfaces.

Gallery Information

Maki Fine Arts was founded in the fall of 2010 by director Takahiro Maki and has been operating for 13 years. The gallery is currently located in the Kagurazaka neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan, and has been showcasing an artist’s distinguished approach and unique take on issues involving the medium and surface layer that are presented through painting, photography, and three-dimensional art. Maki Fine Arts has presented works by Japanese artists such as Yasuko Toyoshima, Fuminao Suenaga and Shunsuke Kano. In 2019, the gallery showed works by American artist Alex Dodge in his first solo show in Japan. The gallery has also become a venue for artist-curated shows, offering a space where artists, curators, and art critics are able to collaborate and work on experimental projects.




B1F, 77-5 Tenjin-cho, Shinjuku-ku

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