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MORI YU GALLERY is a contemporary art commercial gallery based in Kyoto, dedicated to promotion of young and well-established artists.

  1. Our artists possess their own languages which would not let them get carried away with the present fashion.
  2. Our artists reconstruct memory image as liveliest impressions as possible in their works by physical actions.
    Contemporary artists should learn from Japanese traditional art, notably the context and style of Rinpa school as well as the artistic essence in the crafts made in Edo and Meiji periods. However, the work is to be full of originality without lapsing into simple imitations or superficial representations.
  3. It would be too easy to express beauty and clarity with one's sharp, cold, and minimal sense. Thus there are a number of crisp but "skinny" works as such. But we consider that a work with its extrusive sense which tastes slick and crystalline momentarily until it melts down again would be excellent, regardless of whether it is two-dimensional, three-dimensional or photographic.
  4. It is desirable that the artwork has as much diversity and timelessness, unbound to the traditional contexts of art history.



4-19 Shogoin Rengezo-cho, Sakyo-ku

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